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Like dresses, shoes and jewelries are the friends of girls, the same thing happens with boys with gadgets and technical things. I realized this the day we were walking with my boyfriend in a mall without hurrying. So we took our time. And as I watched the clothes and shoes and everything a girl likes to buy, I noticed the same enthusiasm on him while watching the phones and cameras and I could go on.

So we started talking about gadgets! And I noticed that the boys have also their own world, filled with its interests. And I realized that even if we aren’t so obsessed with having the coolest gadgets, we still care about having them. Think a little. We speak on cell phones, we listen our favorite songs on a music player, we may have an electronic organizer, we take pictures with digital cameras or we own a cell phone that combines some or all of these functions. So after this explanation, I began to have another opinion about these devices. Now I see their meanings and I began to understand some properties. I also realized that on the market there will be always a better cell phone, camera or whatever you have at this moment. But this doesn’t mean necessarily that you have to change the old one and get a new one! You can always update it with a skin, with a little accessory, with a new ringtone or whatever you want!

New Gadgets to Watch

One thing can be said for sure about gadget lovers, they’re always looking towards what new gadgets and technologies lie ahead. They’re always in search of what’s newer, thinner, sleeker, faster… and more bizarre. And, now that we’re about ready to bring 2008 to a close, manufacturers are beginning to unveil some of the cool gadgetry we can look forward to seeing in 2009.

T-Mobile, Motorola, Using Android OS On Mobile Phones

More advanced gadget lovers who thrive on virtual social interaction will appreciate the new Android Operating System that has been adopted by T-Mobile earlier this year. And, now it looks as though Motorola may incorporate it into their mobile phones in the upcoming year, as well.

According to an excerpt from BusinessWeek, the idea behind Motorola evolving to the new Google-backed operating system, is to make their phones part of a new class of smartphones, which enable users to access social networks like Facebook and MySpace.

Napkin PC

It is said that many a great idea was born on a napkin. So Industrial Designer, Avery Holleman, developed the Napkin PC. The Napkin PC is a cool concept that uses a base station – disguised as a napkin holder – with seven different stylus pens that allows multiple users to scribble their ideas down on individual “napkins” that ultimately interface with the base station.

It’s definitely an idea that has got creative types and businessmen thinking “outside the box”. The concept allows users to not have to limit their creativity to in front of a PC screen. The “napkins” employ full color e-paper and multi-touch technology.

The napkins can hold the image drawn on it indefinitely, or until it’s cleared off by the user. Which means you can hang it up, or share it with your coworkers at your next meeting. The Napkin PC took first place Judge’s Award and Chairman’s Award in NextGen’s PC Design Competition.

Nokia Aeon

The Nokia Aeon cell phone is still in the research and development phase of its life, but gadget junkies the world over are already “wowing” over the full touch screen. Nokia is keeping all other details under wraps due to competitive pressure.

B-Membrane Computer

We may not see the B-Membrane concept computer for some time, but it’s certainly worth mentioning just in case. The B-Membrane computer is a unique take on a laptop/desktop computer.

Korean designer Won-Seok Lee created his B-Membrane computer to look like no other. Indeed, it is about the size of a large round platter, and boasts an omni-directional projector, rather than a monitor. A keyboard appears on the membrane of the computer’s surface when needed.

When not being used as a computer, Lee’s design can be used to create a relaxing ambience using a variety of light effects through its projector.

Microsoft Arc Mouse

The Microsoft Arc Mouse is a handy little device that serves as both a desktop mouse and a laptop mouse, depending upon if you have it extended to its full length or folded. The mouse uses Microsoft’s BlueTrack Laser Technology, and has a wireless range of up to 30 feet. It offers four customizable buttons, Tilt Wheel Technology, and comes in red or black.

This is a neat, money-saving concept. You can purchase this from Microsoft for $59.95.

Asus EEE Notebook With Touch Screen

The Asus EEE notebook computer is truly an awesome gadget for the college student, or business traveler who just needs to access basic computer programs such as Microsoft Word, Excel, or PowerPoint. You know, it’s rather like an electronic notebook of sorts. Its small profile is not much bigger than a regular book, and can easily slip inside your purse or briefcase. But what’s really cool about this gadget, is the manufacturer offers a touch screen option with this computer. While it does come with a stylus, many users find that they’re perfectly comfortable simply using their fingers to move pages and open programs.

Asus has also released a more powerful desktop version of their EEE computer with touch screen capabilities.Check out the Asus EEE PC now.

Schwinn Electric Tailwind Bicycle

In these tough economic times, when everyone is searching for cheaper ways to commute, comes the Schwinn Electric Tailwind Bicycle expected to hit the market in early 2009.While it certainly resembles a traditional bicycle, the Schwinn Electric Tailwind, dubbed e-bike, packs a lot more punch. Essentially, Schwinn joined forces with Toshiba to create a hybrid bicycle.

Schwinn uses a Toshiba Super Charge lithium-ion phosphate battery to help propel this bike down the road, giving you the option of pedaling yourself, or offering you adjustable pedal assistance if needed.Toshiba’s battery charges in just 30 minutes, and can be recharged about 3000 times before it needs to be replaced. The battery slips discretely in the luggage rack, and off you go.

Visit Schwinn Tailwind to take a look at this really cool set of wheels. You’ll be able to get yours for about $3,200.

Test Tube Hamburger

And, while this next item is not actually a gadget you can put your hands on, it seems that it may be something you’ll be able to sink your teeth into in the upcoming year.Back in 2006, stories were circulating about test tube hamburger. Yep… scientists believed that they could make enough fake meat from one stem cell to feed a million people for one year. Their goal was to have it on people’s tables by 2009.

People for The Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) and fellow vegetarians, of course, are thrilled with the prospect of the lives of thousands of cows being spared by this in vitro beef. In fact, PETA is said to have offered a $1 million reward to the first scientist to produce and market in vitro meat.

Gadget Rivalries Amongst

The 2010 Gadget Census compares major metro areas head-to-head. What does the Gadget Census reveal about gadgets in New York, San Francisco, Los Angeles, D.C., Boston, and Chicago?

San Francisco vs. New York

SF reports owning 23% more iPhones than NY. New Yorkers must get down to business more than the citizens of SF, having 56% more BlackBerry smartphones per capita. In turn, SF had 94% more users of Mac OS (as their primary) than NY. Those hip and literate New Yorkers did beat out the Bay Area with 30% more iPads and 34% more e-readers.

Both cities like watching a lot of TV. San Franciscans watch 12% more television online than New Yorkers. Twice as many New Yorkers have televisions in their kitchens as compared to San Franciscans, but SF dwellers bounce back with twice as many TVs in their garages.

Boston vs. Los Angeles

Boston has 44% more BlackBerry smartphones than LA, while LA had 11% more iPhones. Maybe it’s those long winters that motivate East Coast people to read more, because Boston has 43% more e-readers than LA. LA came in 54% ahead of Boston for their Mac OS use.

In home entertainment, LA comes out ahead with 24% more gaming consoles and 16% more Blu-ray players. LA likes online media. Twice as many people stream music, and 3.8x as many television viewers watch some or all their TV online in LA, as opposed to their Boston counterparts. In LA, you’ll also find more televisions in kitchens (45%) and garages (2.5x).

Chicago vs. Washington D.C.

Gadget ownership and user data match up pretty closely. However, D.C. scores ahead in a few areas. There are 53% more BlackBerry smartphones per capita in D.C. (Obama would be proud). D.C. also has 24% more Android smartphones than Chicago, and 50% more e-readers per capita are in the nation’s capital. In the kitchen, D.C. has 27% more TVs than Chicago.

Best Gadgets For The Year

great year from consumer electronics point of view. Many companies launched some of the most exciting products that captured audience’s eyes, and became major selling products of 2010. From a small music player to a large television set, there came a stream of wonderful gadgets and the technologies which have never been seen before.

Many gadgets came and go in 2010 but only few of them were able to make a major impact. 2009 was also a great year for consumer electronics, so looking at the sales trend of consumer electronics, many companies entered into this business in 2010, in order to get their share of profit, but only those companies were able to make impact and got market share who brought innovations in this category, and these were the companies which were already in this business and knew about the customer needs at that time.

To consider one particular device as a best gadget for 2010 is not fair and not practical as well, so there are three devices which are in true sense the best gadgets of 2010. Looking at the sales record of 2010 it is prominent that some companies like Apple, Amazon and Samsung made major growth in term of their profits and market share. And interestingly, this growth is by the virtue of innovative gadgets they launched in 2010.

Apple iPad the touch screen net book was the most speculated gadget of 2009, many bloggers speculated the design and specification of this gadget, but the real thing came in November 22, 2010. The iPad was sold out within the month of its launching, iPad became the trend among the young generation, with the small size and touch screen graphic display, people loved this net book. This was a treat for Apple fan boys, as it was the most talked about gadget even before its launch. And when it was finally launched, it became a major hit. iPad can be termed as the best gadget of 2010; as it was the first net book of its kind, it was an innovative device of Apple, many companies tried to launch similar devices like iPad but no one made an impact like iPad did. So iPad is indeed one of the best gadgets of 2010.

Amazon Kindle though is not a new gadget; it was launched in November 22, 2007 (Wikipedia, 2011). But it made a major impact in 2010, as in 2010, Amazon launched latest version of Kindle with some of the advanced and improved features. Amazon Kindle is an E-reading device and its market comprises of students and people who love to read. Amazon was the innovation in 2007, but its latest model Kindle DX Graphite (3rd Gen) can be declared as one of the best gadgets of 2010; as in this year it was introduced with the innovative features that were not seen before; therefore it attracted the customers and made sales record in 2010. Amazon reported that Amazon Kindle broke the record of Harry Potter in 2010 as the most selling item at Amazon (Amazon, 2011)

Cell phone is the one gadget which has made tremendous advancement in 21st century.And in 2010 most of the advanced cell phones were introduced. The competition in cell phone’s market is more than any other consumer electronics product. Cell phone is the necessity and it fascinates the people more than any other consumer electronic item. Many companies have tried to enter into this market; but only few have been able to make a major impact. There are few companies which are leader in this category i.e., Nokia, Samsun, Apple, Sony Ericson and Blackberry. All these companies are well-known for their cell phones. But in 2010 the best cell phone was clearly the iPhone 4.

Just like every other Apple’s product, iPhone 4 was the most talked about and most speculated product of 2010. Since the launch of first iPhone in 2007, iPhone has become the hot trend and no other company has been able to beat iPhone for its graphics and features. iPhone 4 launched in November, 2010 hit the market like a storm and it made sales records in just three months. iPhone 4 was introduced with some of the most advanced and entertaining features which people had never seen before. It is still the best cell phone available in market and there is no second thought about declaring it as the best cell phone of 2010.

Kitchen a Facelift With Discount Kitchen Gadgets

Giving the kitchen a facelift with some of the contemporary kitchen gadgets that are currently available is a great idea for the modern home. While many people find it easy to update a TV, DVD player, Blu Ray player, computer or mobile phone or any of the other different gadgets that are so popular right now, sometimes the kitchen for by the wayside. There are any number of great things you can do to help the kitchen improve in terms of hygiene, productivity, or to simply what can be done.

There are gadgets large and small from can openers to new microwave ovens, rotisserie oven’s, roaster oven’s, popcorn poppers, electric skillets, electric knife sharpeners, wine cellars, Thermo coolers, mini refrigerators and any number of other great household items that can really help you get the most out of your kitchen.

Plus, due to the many seasonal special offers are currently available from retailers both in the real world and online you can find many of these great gadgets at discount prices. Giving your kitchen a facelift doesn’t have to just be about gadgets though. You could rearrange the way things are laid out, consider a new decor, maybe update your crockery or your electric kettle or toaster.

An easy start you can make is to go through the junk accumulated in your cupboards and get rid of anything you don’t use or that has passed its best. Expired cans of food are something that seem to be at the back of everyone’s cupboards, for example. Old utensils that have lost their edge are another example of something you can do away with to make room for new discount kitchen gadgets. Once you have freed up some space, you’ll find that your kitchen has already become more functional. You’ve already made a difference to your lifestyle with that simple act, and you can move on from there to get the kitchen you’ve always wanted. Little steps are still steps, after all.

While some of these things may seem like common sense, they’re not usually the thing that comes to mind when you think of updating your home. Remember, the kitchen is one of the most important places in the home and it’s very important that it is kept clean, productive, functional and attractive to you, the people that live there and use it. Why not check out special deals on offer online? With the best kitchen gadgets around you can be sure of a modern, functional, clean, and much more pleasant kitchen for you and your family to enjoy.