Like dresses, shoes and jewelries are the friends of girls, the same thing happens with boys with gadgets and technical things. I realized this the day we were walking with my boyfriend in a mall without hurrying. So we took our time. And as I watched the clothes and shoes and everything a girl likes to buy, I noticed the same enthusiasm on him while watching the phones and cameras and I could go on.

So we started talking about gadgets! And I noticed that the boys have also their own world, filled with its interests. And I realized that even if we aren’t so obsessed with having the coolest gadgets, we still care about having them. Think a little. We speak on cell phones, we listen our favorite songs on a music player, we may have an electronic organizer, we take pictures with digital cameras or we own a cell phone that combines some or all of these functions. So after this explanation, I began to have another opinion about these devices. Now I see their meanings and I began to understand some properties. I also realized that on the market there will be always a better cell phone, camera or whatever you have at this moment. But this doesn’t mean necessarily that you have to change the old one and get a new one! You can always update it with a skin, with a little accessory, with a new ringtone or whatever you want!