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The output of a machine is sometimes totally different from the expectations of the users or manufactures, these might be caused by some of the defects that the machine may have. The defaults may arise due to various reasons in which most of them depends on how the machine is used and the quality of the material used in making it. There are a number of risks that people using defective machines are taking in which their occurrence causes high losses, these kind of people should stop using such machines because they might even lose their lives The users of any machine should continuously assess it to check if it can still do the job in an expected way, by doing so they will be able to enhance their safety when using the machine.

The assessment of the cranes is very important because the manufactures or the users are able to identify any problem with the machine before the problem becomes bigger and harder to solve, these helps a lot in maintaining the quality of the machine hence the production rate is maintained. Some parts of a crane are very sensitive when the users are operating the machine, some of them enhances the safety of the controller therefore they should be highly examined to see whether they are fit for their roles. Cranes performs tasks which really need a lot of energy, when a crane had any defects it might not be able to provide the high power required therefore making it unsuitable for the operations, such cranes can also collapse when they are on their duty thus causing heavy losses.

There are various institutions which are given the mandate to check the standards of cranes provided in the market or the cranes that are already in use, however, various companies dealing in cranes have taken an initiative to check their products before selling them, these is very nice because provision of high quality products is enhanced. Some countries have different boards which are given the mandate to check the standards of any machine entering and leaving the country to avoid any substandard machines, the cranes are also inspected at that point. Machines have to be assessed regularly because their quality depreciates gradually and total servicing is always required at some point therefore various organizations have been established to ensure that the machines being used are in the correct standards.

Manufacturing cranes is usually a lot of work which most people might have no idea about it, the manufactures have to ensure that the machines that they produce is very acceptable to authorities and able to do its work with a lot of ease. The manufacturers are always given documents to show that the goods the have produced meets the standards set by the authorities after producing high quality machines, the documents allows them to take the goods to the market.

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